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Steam for Linux is coming

Valve is starting the "internal beta sometime in October".

Things have been going well. We will be having an internal beta starting next week, and a private external beta for 1,000 users sometime in October. <br/> The private external beta will include:
  • Steam
  • One Valve game
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.04 and above
<br/> It will not yet include:
  • Big Picture mode
  • Additional Valve games
<br/> For existing Linux users, the external private beta is a good release for seeing where we are in running our games on Linux. We will be using a sign up page for the external beta. Information about the sign up will be announced in a future post. <br/> For those new to Linux, we recommend waiting for a subsequent release where more features are implemented along with improvements to the user install experience.
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Load PS2 Games over network with OpenPS2Loader

It's a good guide for setting up the needed shares and connecting your PS2 to your PC/Server/NAS. With this guide you can setup shares on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Rise Of The Triad (2012)

YES! It's an ROTT-Remake!

Running PS2 games from fileserver

Did you know that it is possible to run PS2 games from any SMB powered server? You can store your games on a Server, NAS or your PC. This helps keeping your fragile PS2 laser alive, saves your games and speeds up loading times. How?

You simply need a SMB share - Windows users have the easiest way. Linux users can use samba. The share should be accessible with an anonymous guest account but it can be password protected (didn't test). The share is called "PS2SMB" by default but its name may vary. Connect your PS2 to your network. Run "OpenPS2Loader" (download v0.9 here). Fill in all necessary settings to connect your PS2 with your SMB share. Now you can run ISO images or USB Advance slices through network. Have fun!

PlayStation 2 FireWire?

If you're wondering about that "S400" port on your fat PS2 you're damn right, it's a FireWire 400 port! You can use FireWire HDDs with far more speed than USB 1.1 on this port. Try Playstation 2 External Storage Device Game Loader (PS2ESDL)!

Sonic Syndicate - Leave Me Alone

From the album "We Rule The Night"


Skipfish version 2.09b compiled for Win32 with cygwin. Just download the 7z archive, unpack it somewhere and run.

Download (via various locations)

Customized (modded) drivers for AMD Fusion

DoNotArgue (DNA) is offering a package of modded drivers for AMD Fusion series. Modded drivers can either optimize FPS count or image quality.

Click here to download DNA-AMD Fusion 1.0 x64 beta drivers

With the help of CDNs

In progress to make my site faster I was supplying downloads through several 1-click-hosters like rapidshare, megaupload and

In the near future I'll be implementing some CDN techniques. Future downloads will be served by CoralCDN and the CoDeeN network which will deliver them with more speed and save some server resources.

Some files (like skipfish-2.07b-win32.7z) can be downloaded through CoralCDN right now.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Build 1935

It's something like a "Director's Cut" - Build 1935 is a special build of the game STALKER - Shadow Of Tschernobyl. It features many things which have been cut in the final version.

Download Game through ModDB:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Build 1935

Download Community Patches through ModDB:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1935 Community Patches

Pyramining invites

Wanna join Pyramining but can't find referral links? Try one of these: