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Windows games on Linux: Two Worlds

Another great game which runs fine with wine is Two Worlds. It's a Gothic-like RPG published by TopWare Interactive and was developed by Zuxxez. Maybe you remember their game "Knight Shift" - also a great game from them. I suggest the following steps for installation:

  1. Install d3dx9 through winetricks
  2. Install the game with it's Setup.exe
  3. Copy the GER directory from the game's CD into the Two Worlds' installation directory
  4. Move the XACT directory from the new GER directory to the above directory
  5. Run the game and enter your serial number. You will receive an activation code for further activations of the game. Write it down.
  6. Enjoy the game!
You can also check the according → WineHQ AppDB entry for further installation instructions.

Meme of the day

Meme of the day

Jurojin - The Winter

Suggested by a friend…

The Sorrow - Retracing Memories

Another great song from the Austrian band "The Sorrow"

Another gaming tip for Linux: Singularity

Singularity is a great but underrated game which runs nearly perfectly on Linux.

I suggest to install it via Winetricks. There's only one problem I encountered: Closing Singularity won't work. You've got to kill it from a TTY to close it.

When dreams come true

Today I finished my first program which will be used by my current employer. It`s nothing impressive but it fixes a problem caused by one of the software products we use because it is not compatible to 64 bit OSes.



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