Archive of December 2016

DOOM (2016) On Linux

There's been happening pretty much since Bethesda finally decided a few days ago to → remove Denuvo from DOOM (2016).

Mesa Package Updated With CSO Fix

I've added the following → patch to my Mesa builds:

cso: don't release sampler states that are bound

If you're running radeonsi I'd recommend to upgrade your packages. Enjoy!

New PGP Key For Repository

I just have renewed my PGP key for, please grab the new public key!

# wget -O -|apt-key add -


Nine Years Old Mesa Bug Has Been Finally Closed

Marek Olšák has closed an one year old → bug in Mesa which has caused some weird GPU lockups on RadeonSI cards with a handful of games. The bug itself is probably about nine years old but hasn't affected any other driver besides RadeonSI. The needed patch adds one "if" to cso_cache.c.

I will try to add this patch to my Mesa builds in my spare time this week.

→ See the patch on

OpenMW 0.41.0 Will Release Soon

DestinedToDie has → announced that the release of OpenMW 0.41.0 is going to happen in a week or two. There's already a RC for testing.

→

ILO - The Intel Driver For Gallium3D Might Be Removed From Mesa

It seems that the Intel ILO Gallium3D driver is going to be removed from Mesa. It has been started by LunarG Inc. and has not been maintained for ages. It's sad to see that Intel hasn't taken over ILO and kept developing their old-fashioned i965 driver which will not support any of Gallium3D's fancy state trackers like Gallium-Nine.

→ Read more on mesa-dev