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Mesa 17.0.5 Is Coming

Mesa devs are preparing another bugfix release for Mesa 17.0. Mesa 17.0.5 addresses the following problems:

  • Fix for nouveau regarding the instructions emission with GF100's ISA encoding
  • Corrections for flusing the cache (VF and texture) while setting up a null surface state (intel/anv)
  • Disable CCS on BDW input attachments (intel/anv)
  • A change in spilling's cost heuristic that improves performance in Unigine Heaven (intel/i965)
  • Another fix in the register coalesce optimization (intel/i965)
  • A set of patches for glMultiDrawArrays handling (mesa)
  • A fix for the validation of the sampler types (mesa)
  • Correction for NIR when using ARB_shader_clock (mesa)
  • A fix to properly report the timestampPeriod (radv)
  • A fix to avoid a hangs when apps call exit (Gallivm)
  • A fix in the state tracker to invalidate the readpix cache

Mesa 17.0.5 is planned to be released at 10:00pm GMT on Friday, 28th.

Mesa 17.1.0 Is Coming Closer

Mesa 17.1 has been branched about two weeks ago and the second RC is already out.

This brand new Mesa release will bring some important features and performance to this user space graphics driver:

  • Preliminary Vega-support (OpenGL 3.2 only)
  • TGSI shader cache
  • OpenGL threaded dispatch support
  • Some more OpenGL extensions for RadeonSI on newer GPUs

Michael Larabel has published a nice round-up on → a while ago.

Release plan:

Apr 14 2017 - Feature freeze/Release candidate 1
Apr 21 2017 - Release candidate 2

Apr 28 2017 - Release candidate 3<br/> May 05 2017 - Release candidate 4/final release

Two Worlds II Finally Coming To Linux

Better late than never: TopWare's Two Worlds II, successor of their so-so RPG Two Worlds, is finally coming to Linux with a brand-new DLC and "HD Engine Update".

Their new DLC "Call of the Tenebrae" will be delivered along their new engine on May 25th. TopWare has already → confirmed that on GoL.

The original game has been released in 2010. TopWare has repeatedly promised a Linux port since 2013 with several missed release dates. Their latest attempt should have been released in 2015. On the other hand they have successfully "wine-ported" several games to Linux, including the first installment of their Two Worlds series, and even a native port with Vendetta: Curse of the Raven's Cry.

I'm curious! Btw: It's dirt cheap on → Steam at the moment!

Mesa Updated To 17.0.4

I've uploaded Mesa 17.0.4 to, enjoy!

Mesa 17.0.4 Has Been Released

Emil Velikov has released another bugfix release for Mesa 17.0. Fresh packages for will follow soon.

Release notes:

In this release we have:

The radeonsi driver has PCI IDs for new Polaris10 devices. While r600 has improved error handling in OOM conditions.

There is a GBM flush fix for VMWGFX and other drivers that queue DMA operations on the mapping context. A performance regression in freedreno has been resolved.

For nouveau and i965 we have various fixes, of which the correct GL version is now reported on i965 devices.

Haiku build issues have been addressed.

Last but not least, Mesa no longer prints a harmless warning on platform devices.

→ Read more on mesa-announce

Mesa Updated To 17.0.3

I've uploaded Mesa 17.0.3 to, enjoy!

Read more on → mesa-announce.