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Groundhog Day: Two Worlds II

Remember when I posted that TW2 will arrive on May, 25th? And troublesome release dates, delays, and so on? Guess what. TW2 for Linux has been delayed to June, 15th. Seems that we've gotta wait again :D

Ports Missing In Action

I've decided to post about missing Linux ports which have been promised by devs, publishers and so on. These are games which I'm personally waiting for. If you want a even more complete "hall of shame", visit ā†’

  1. Darksiders

    Went from "it's nearly there" via "someone else will be handling it" to "port? which port?" in about three years. The first and last game which I've bought because of a promised Linux port.

  2. Shadow Warrior 2

    Announced with a SteamOS icon which has been removed later, Shadow Warrior 2 has a troublesome story which I have partially covered here. The game was released in Oct. 2016 for PC and their port is still missing.

  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    It's story is similar to Darksiders'. It's so troublesome that ā†’ gamingonlinux has a timeline for it. Their last statement was:

    Iā€™m afraid that currently we have no information to share regarding the Linux version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
    I'd be surprised if we'd see a Linux port anyway.

These games are cheap now. I wonder if these/their publishers are gonna complain "Linux doesn't create enough income to satisfy porting costs/to be worthwile" if they are released soon. It probably would have been, if their ports would have arrived early enough.

Mesa Updated To 17.1.0

I've uploaded Mesa 17.1.0 to, enjoy!

Want To Enable D3D11 w/WINE On Mesa?

If you want to try D3D11 on Linux with WINE on Radeon GPUs with Mesa, you've got to tell WINE, that it has to use OpenGL Core Profile Contexts:

Just add MaxGLVersion (dword) with 0x30002 to HKCU/Software/Wine/Direct3D and you're fine.

Mesa Releases On Delayed

I'm currently transitioning to an OBS-based build server for my Debian packages. Fresh Mesa packages with Gallium-Nine will be delivered when it's all up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Don't hesitate to throw some Satoshis at 1DUug51v3LwEZk6RzJ5qCpi8fYKnHYbCCb if you want to keep me motivated. Thanks!

Mesa 17.1.0 Has Been Released

Emil Velikov has announced the release of Mesa's second big release in 2017, 17.1.0.

The most interesting features are:

  • OpenGL 4.2 support for Intel Ivy Bridge chips. With this final piece the Intel i965 is on par (and even surpases) relative to the Windows, MacOS and Android OpenGL drivers.
  • The RADV driver passes the Khronos CTS, although there is no official ratification as of yet.
  • Shader on-disk cache. Improving the startup and shader compilation times in some games.
  • This release includes significant performance improvements for games by Feral Interactive.

ā†’ Read more on Mesa-Announce