Archive of February 2019

Gallium-Nine Standalone

Check out → wine-nine-standalone:

Gallium Nine allows to run any Direct3D 9 application with nearly no CPU overhead, which provides a smoother gaming experience and increased FPS.

Gallium Nine Standalone, as the name implies, is a standalone version of the WINE parts of Gallium Nine.

This decouples Gallium Nine from the WINE tree, so that it can be used with any WINE version. There is no need for any WINE patches. A stable, development, or staging WINE release is sufficient.

Gallium Nine Standalone consists of two parts:

  • d3d9-nine.dll: Gallium Nine Direct3D 9 library
  • ninewinecfg.exe: GUI to enable/disable Gallium Nine with some additional info about the current state

Workaround Discovered For Techland Games On Mesa

Hi folks!

Mesa user John Brooks has posted a → LD_PRELOAD shim for Dying Light which works around → a stupid issue which is aparrantly never going to be fixed.

Moar Updates

Hi there!

I've updated → Mesa to 18.3.3 and → libdrm to 2.4.97. Enjoy!