RTT: Discontinued

It's been more than 1,5 years since I have written any new code for RTT. I consider this project discontinued.

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rtt Gets New Look

Yesterday I had to rewrite some parts of rtt to work with Gambas 3.8. I took my chance and redesigned the UI for changing Mesa environment variables:

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rtt's daemon gains more functions

Today I finally had some time to add functions to rtt's daemon. Reading clocks and voltages from /sys/kernel/debug/dri/{index}/radeon_pm_info is working and might be useful for overclocking in the future. Reading and setting power management options has also been implemented. The next thing to do is to add these functions to the radeon tray tools itself.

Stuff to do:

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rtt-daemon is being prepared

Some functions of rtt need root access so rtt needs a daemon.

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Mesa-hacks in rtt!

I haven't yet uploaded the new files to my VCS but here's a preview of the new "Mesa-hacks" feature in rtt!"

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Daemon ↔ Client?

Unfortunately there are some settings for radeon (vgaswitcheroo to be precise) which need root access even for reading the current settings. I'm thinking about a rtt-daemon which handles them. Plan B would be a binary helper module with Setuid and root as owner.

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Fixed categories module

I'm not sure if anybody noticed but the categories module "Categorize" was broken since the last update of Chyrp. If anyone uses "Categorize", you can patch it yourself:

@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
         /* End XML Stuff */
         public function parse_urls($urls) {
-            $urls["/\/category\/(.*?)/"] = "/?action=category&name=$1";
+            $urls["/\/category\/(.*?)/"] = "/category&name=$1";
             return $urls;

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New icon for rtt

I've made a new icon for Radeon Tray Tools. It's not the final design but using an icon too similar to the old ATi Tray Tools icon could be too confusing. There it is, Ati Tray Tux 😛

Further development of rtt will start as soon as Mesa 10.4 lands in debian/unstable.

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Radeon Tray Tools: Reconsidering "Standard Tweaks" vs "Advanced Tweaks"

As you might have noticed, I've added some functions to RTT's "Standard Tweaks". Although I think that these settings aren't "Advanced", they could make your System unstable or even unusable. I'll try to find another place for them and to figure out, which functions are really just "Standard Tweaks".

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Radeon Tray Tools: Little progress so far

It's been a while since I've written some code for rtt. There was too much work in the past few months and any spare time I had, had to be used for relaxation. Unfortunately I don't know how to approach the configuration of the radeon xserver. The amount of parameters depends upon the used module and version of the Xserver. I still haven't figured out how to collect these informations dynamically.

But there's still a little progress. At the moment I'm implementing the configuration of the radeon kernel module. It's rather simple because you can use sysfs to mess with obtain all the parameters ;D

Update: Aaaaand it's done! The settings are saved to /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf. Updating your initramfs is necessary after changing one of these settings.

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First tweaking options coming to radeon tray tools!

RTFM somewhat works with xorg's radeon driver 😛

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radeon tray tools got another couple of functions ready

There's no plugin functionality planned in rtt yet, but the builtin "PCI device listing" function of att has been barely implemented:

The tray menu has also been updated. I've reduced the icon size to 16px and added working screen rotation:

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radeon tray tools for Linux - we're getting a little bit closer

This dialog doesn't work yet but reading the monitor's gamma values from xrandr works. I hate gambas for almost everything now but it works! Let's see how far I will progress today.

Update: Uploaded newer screenshot

Update 2: Setting gamma values via xrandr works now! The brightness slider is inactive at the moment but that's another story. These settings aren't saveda anywhere yet but I'll add a profile management for that sooner or later.

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That's it for today

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I miss something like Ray Adam's ATi Tray Tools on Linux...

This could be a perfect project for learning Gambas 3 on Linux. The list of available HUD options is created dynamically by checking glxinfo with GALLIUM_HUD=help set:

I'll publish this app (if it works) here and on → phpEasyVCS.

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