Back In Black!

After a short trip to the hospital and a following "offline vacation", I'm finally back. My blog has been offline for a while because a temporary power-outage messed around with my IPs, but right now everything's running fine again.

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R.I.P. Terry Pratchett :'(

We'll miss you...

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Goodbye Cloudflare…

Sorry guys, but I won't pay for using my self-signed SSL certificate with your service. I may be serving this blog for months without SSL, but now I won the struggle with my laziness. SSL is activated here.

Maybe → CoralCDN is working better now. If not - hell I can live without a CDN. There's not much traffic here. Providing visitors the level of security they deserve is more important than lowering my bandwith usage.

Update: Bandwith usage is the one problem. Limited bandwith is another problem. I couldn't find a free CDN with SSL support. If you want to remain unwatched on 0mega's Blog, try to reach me without CDN but with SSL. In the meantime enjoy my wine-unstable ppa.

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True story :D

You never learn, do you?

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Meme of the day

Meme of the day

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When dreams come true

Today I finished my first program which will be used by my current employer. It`s nothing impressive but it fixes a problem caused by one of the software products we use because it is not compatible to 64 bit OSes.

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Public comments deactivated.

Public comments have been deactivated until Chyrp's community develops another Captcha solution which does not use Akismet's captchas.

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Fuck Dyn

>, formerly known as, is driving me insane more and more. They defenitely seem to get rid of their free users. Updating your subdomain with the updater client of your choice only works for one week. Dyn will soon force users to login once per month in their user control panels. Once they miss their monthly login their account gets frozen.

This service is somewhat fucked up. It's totally unusable for me because I'm not interested in manual updating my subdomain or log into an UCP which I do not need to use. But if I don't do that my server will not be accessible. Seriously guys - what's wrong with you?

I consider registering a subdomain at > I'll set up a redirection from to the new subdomain for at least three months.


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Temporarily disabling CoralCDN

Usually all static content was delivered through a Content Delivery Network called "CoralCDN". I've temporarily disabled this service because it was causing some trouble. This causes this site to load slower than usual. Please be patient until those problems are solved.

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After over five years of waiting is back! I hope they won't take it away from me without any reason again.

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The free URL forwarding provider (with beta DNS support) seems to be down! Any websites ending in cannot be reached. Unfortunately I was hosting some sites using addresses. I hope they will come back.

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Co-Writer wanted/Co-Autor gesucht

Are you interested in writing posts for my blog? Leave a comment!

Interesse, für meinen Blog zu schreiben? Hinterlasse einen Kommentar!

No one seems to be interested.

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