XMPP Registration Still Closed

XMPP registration with captchas needs further installments of dependencies. Unfortunately, I've got to package them by myself. This might take some more time.

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XMPP - What's Next?

As some of you might have noticed, registration on my XMPP server has been closed for a while now thanks to spammers. I've already tried to re-open it through Prosody's register_web module but unfortunately my bug-ridden Prosody installation isn't going anywhere. It's the same old x86 container which has been running on my old Coppermine-based server so it's time for a change. When I finally got more time in the next weeks, I'm moving the data to a new x86_64 container.

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XMPP Registration Temporarily Closed

Due to some malevolent spammers I had to close XMPP account registration on c-r-t.tk. We'll be back soon with captchas.

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