3rd HTPC, part II

A few weeks ago I've ordered the last missing bits of hardware. Unfortunately one device was a complete failure.

HDDWDC WD20EFRX2,000 GB, silent, 24/7, low power consumption, low heat developement
SoundcardCreative Audigy FXHas been promoted as "EMU10k2" soundcard but unfortunately it's Realtek ALC7xx CRAP. The shipped low profile bracket doesn't fit either. 35.99€ for nothing 😟
DVB-S2TeVii S464 PCIDVB-S/DVB-S2 tuner card. Should support Linux but couldn't get it working yet

If someone needs an expensive and crappy soundcard, E-Mail me: crt0mega[at]c-r-t.tk

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