A Temporary Fix For Ryzen Stability Issues On Kernel 4.13+

Phoronix user RavFX has found a → workaround for these weird idle hangs on Ryzen when using Kernel 4.13+. Seems that a → patch for performance improvements on Intel CPUs has led to some unpredictable behaviour. Here's the money quote:

First, you need to be sure RCU_NOCB_CPU enabled in the kernel
Thanks to Intel patch that then pushed an other maintainer to remove CONFIG_RCU_NOCB_CPU_ALL, automatic workaround is not possible anymore in distrib using 4.13+ but you can still apply the workaround by adding a boot parameter "rcu_nocbs=0-X" where X = number of thread-1 (so, 15 for a Ryzen 7).

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