Argon (SMS-based media player with XMB GUI)

Today I found another interesting homebrew app for my old PS2: Argon. I didn't even notice it but it's in developement since 2006. Seems to combine great design with even greater functionality. Get it → here, → here or → here.

Update: I've tried Argon now and downloaded it from psx-scene. I don't know why the above image showed off when I did an image search for "Argon" but the app itselfs looks a bit simpler than that. Unfortunately you cannot set the video mode like you set it in SMS but some people reported that you can run it via GSM. I'll try that later but I'm not very optimistic.

Besides that, the app looks promising and has some functionality which are missing in SMS plus the great look and feel of a XMB style media player. There are still some things to do but they're on a good way.

Update 2: I've been digging through Argon's thread on psx-scene. It seems that it's creator has stopped the developement of Argon and denies to publish the source code. According to other members the creator has violated the GPL by porting OpenTyrian to the PS2 as closed-source and is gone mad after some other users asked for the source.

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