Continuing SpeedGenerator

Last weekend I unfortunately had no time for completing the EasyBox standard WPA key generator. I've reviewed the source codes found on to get the idea what they've done to the router's MAC. Currently I'm trying to write a VB.NET module based on the informations found here and in the source code. Their source code is not perfect but I guess I can imagine what they've done there.

Here's a preview of my VB.NET module:

Public Function KeyFromBSSID(BSSID As String) As String
   Dim c1 As String=LTrim(Str(Long.Parse(BSSID.Substring(8,4),_
   Dim s() As Byte=System.Text.Encoding.Default.getbytes(c1)
   Dim m() As Char
   Call MsgBox(System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetString(s))
End Function

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