Debian Privacy Remix

I want to introduce you another privacy-flavoured Linux distribution. It's called → Debian Privacy Remix (I will call it DPR) but it has nothing to do with Ubuntu Privacy Remix.

DPR comes as a Live-DVD preconfigured with several privacy enhancing tools like TOR and pidgin-otr. It is based on the stable branch of Debian GNU/Linux. The maintainer states:

Let`s not confuse privacy with secrecy. We do a lot of things that are private, but not secret. You close the door when you go to the toilet, and you put your letters in envelopes. Why should your computer be any different? When you send an instant message, it travels through the web unencrypted. Companies and repressive governments can track your online activities, what you search for and what webpages you visit and they store that data for a very long time. Whenever you send an (unencrypted) email it may get scanned for keywords and read in the name of "national security". Because privacy is your right, even on the internet, Debian Privacy Remix contains a preinstalled set of tools to help you protect it. Most notably you can browse the web anonymously with advanced onion routing using Tor. ( You can chat with your friends on MSN, Yahoo, IRC, etc. with Pidgin and its Off-the-record (OTR) plugin that offers strong encryption. (Note that you have to enable the plugin under Tools -> Addons. Please also disable logging under Tools -> Preferences -> Logging) It also contains Skype, that encrypts its voicecalls by default. Bleachbit is an application that frees disk space, removes hidden junk from your hard drive and protects your privacy. The Iceweasel (Firefox) web browser has several plugins preinstalled to ensure your privacy on the web: HTTPS Everywhere, Flashblock, Torbutton, Element Hiding Helper, Adblock Plus and Better Privacy. The Icedove/Thunderbird mail client has the Enigmail GPG encryption plugin installed and ready to use, and you can encrypt files on your hard drive using GPG.

I will test it and provide the results in a seperated post here so stay tuned!

Update: Unfortunately I wasn't able to get more than 22,9% of the torrent. Debian Privacy Remix seems to be a dead project.

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