Encrypt your Nokia N900

This guide shows you how to encrypt files (or entire filesystems) on your Nokia N900. I know there are many ways to encrypt files on this special device but let's talk about two particular ways.

  1. → EncFS
  2. Cryptsetup/LUKS

Fist of all, let's talk about EncFS. EncFS is a free FUSE-based cryptographic filesystem. The encryption used depends on the installed encryption libraries on your device, AES should be no problem. EncFS uses a (typically hidden) directory where it stores your encrypted files, so setting up encryption with EncFS on your Nokia N900 is a really easy story.

  1. Install EncFS, e.g. with
    ~ # apt-get install encfs
  2. Create the directory where your encrypted files shall be stored, e.g. with
    ~ $ mkdir /media/mmc1/.crypto
  3. Create the 'directory' where you want to access your decrypted files, e.g. with
    ~ $ mkdir /home/user/MyDocs/Crypto
  4. Let EncFS create the encrypted filesystem with
    ~ $ encfs {encrypted storage} {mountpoint}

    ~ # encfs /media/mmc1/.crypto /home/user/MyDocs/Crypto -o allow_other
  5. Choose the way you'd like to have your files encrypted
  6. Choose a password for your EncFS
  7. Enjoy your crypto-fs and unmount it with
    ~ # fusermount -u {mountpoint}
    when you're done

I decided to publish this little tutorial even if it's incomplete. My N900 is broken (physically) and I don't think that the damage can be fixed. It crashed onto the floor with the charger plugged in. Its µUSB jack has been ripped off the PCB. Rest in peace my beloved friend.

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