Fuck Dyn

>Dyn.com, formerly known as DynDNS.org, is driving me insane more and more. They defenitely seem to get rid of their free users. Updating your subdomain with the updater client of your choice only works for one week. Dyn will soon force users to login once per month in their user control panels. Once they miss their monthly login their account gets frozen.

This service is somewhat fucked up. It's totally unusable for me because I'm not interested in manual updating my subdomain or log into an UCP which I do not need to use. But if I don't do that my server will not be accessible. Seriously guys - what's wrong with you?

I consider registering a subdomain at >no-ip.com. I'll set up a redirection from c-r-t.ath.cx to the new subdomain for at least three months.


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