Installing newer video drivers on Debian Wheezy/Testing

I never thought that it would be so easy. I needed some newer drivers to play Serious Sam BFE at a reasonable amount of FPS.

In order to get more performance it was necessary to upgrade fglrx. There are several ways including uninstalling the driver which is offered by Wheezy/Testing's repository and replacing them by installing newer drivers manually. This way wasn't acceptable so I decided to take a look at → Debian's Experimental repository.

There it is! fglrx-driver (1:13.1-2) was just the deb I needed. After some minutes of research I found the perfect way to upgrade my drivers:

  1. Add [yourdebianmirror] experimental main contrib non-free to your sources.list
  2. Remove old fglrx packages (no purge needed)
  3. Install new packages from Experimental by using # apt-get -t experimental install [your packages]
  4. Don't forget all i386 libraries if you're running Debian x86_64!

Now Serious Sam BFE runs smoothly in CrossFire mode.

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