Mesa 11.2 Is Near, Gains New Shader Cache

Mesa 11.2 is coming closer, its RC1 is already out. 11.2 won't deliver much more OpenGL extensions but there are lots of fixes, compute_shader support for Intel and Core Mesa and arrays_of_arrays support for all Gallium3D drivers which support GLSL up to 1.30. But the (IMHO) most interesting feature is Mesa's new shader cache.


The shader cache should cut down on RadeonSI needing to re-compile shaders for the same game. Unlike the proprietary drivers and other shader cache implementations, this RadeonSI shader cache isn't written out to disk but is just stored on a per-screen/process basis. Caching them avoids the process of having to compiler shaders from Gallium3D's IR (TGSI) to the hardware bytecode. Many shader types are cached but not currently compute or geometry shaders.

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