Painkiller Black Edition DIY Uncut Patch

Last weekend I've ordered "Painkiller Pandemonium" via Amazon. Without blood and shit. Not funny.

To apply your "DIY Uncut Patch" you've got to unpack the LScripts.pak and change two settings within the Cfg.lua:

"C:\Program Files\Painkiller\Bin\Painkiller.exe" -script FS.ExtractPack('../Data/LScripts.pak','../Data/LScripts')

Look for the Cfg.lua in Data/LScripts/Main and change the following settings:

if Cfg.Language == "german" then
    Tweak.GlobalData.DisableGibs = false
    Tweak.GlobalData.GermanVersion = false

Backup your LScripts.pak and generate a new one with:

"C:\Program Files\Painkiller\Bin\painkiller.exe" -script FS.CreatePack('../Data/LScripts.pak','../Data/LScripts', true)

Done! Painkiller is uncut now.

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