Replaced fglrx with xserver-xorg-video-radeon

Fun fact: The FOSS radeon driver works better for me than the original closed-source fglrx. Yesterday I decided to run

apt-get dist-upgrade
on my HTPC. fglrx has been updated to 1:14.2~beta1.3-1 in unstable and testing. I stronglyrecommend you: → Avoid this upgrade!

When I was struggling with fglrx, I had a glorious idea: Let's try the FOSS radeon drivers. It was a bit hard to get the rid of all fglrx stuff. Xorg was still looking for fglrx-glx even when it's gone but it took me a while to figure that out. After an hour of pain I managed to get the radeon drivers working with mesa-dri and it was totally worth all the trouble. Everything works fine so far, even vdpau seems to be working. Bonus-Point: xbmc stops crashing after the end of a video stream.

Maybe I will reinstall fglrx when there are working drivers available in debian/unstable but at the moment I'm totally happy with the free radeon drivers.

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