R600_DEBUG Documentation Went Missing

Looks like Mesa's official documentation has gotten rid of documenting the R600_DEBUG environment variable. One can still get help for the parameters by passing R600_DEBUG=help

Currently it outputs the following information:

debug_get_flags_option: help for R600_DEBUG:
|               tex [0x0000000000000080] Print texture info
|               nir [0x0000000000000100] Enable experimental NIR shaders
|           compute [0x0000000000000200] Print compute info
|                vm [0x0000000000000800] Print virtual addresses when creating resources
|              info [0x0000010000000000] Print driver information
|                fs [0x0000000000000040] Print fetch shaders
|                vs [0x0000000000000001] Print vertex shaders
|                gs [0x0000000000000004] Print geometry shaders
|                ps [0x0000000000000002] Print pixel shaders
|                cs [0x0000000000000020] Print compute shaders
|               tcs [0x0000000000000008] Print tessellation control shaders
|               tes [0x0000000000000010] Print tessellation evaluation shaders
|              noir [0x0000000000001000] Don't print the LLVM IR
|            notgsi [0x0000000000002000] Don't print the TGSI
|             noasm [0x0000000000004000] Don't print disassembled shaders
|          preoptir [0x0000000000008000] Print the LLVM IR before initial optimizations
|           checkir [0x0000000000010000] Enable additional sanity checks on shader IR
|      nooptvariant [0x0000000000020000] Disable compiling optimized shader variants.
|           testdma [0x0000000000100000] Invoke SDMA tests and exit.
|     testvmfaultcp [0x0008000000000000] Invoke a CP VM fault test and exit.
|   testvmfaultsdma [0x0010000000000000] Invoke a SDMA VM fault test and exit.
| testvmfaultshader [0x0020000000000000] Invoke a shader VM fault test and exit.
|             nodma [0x0000000100000000] Disable asynchronous DMA
|          nohyperz [0x0000000200000000] Disable Hyper-Z
|      noinvalrange [0x0000000400000000] Disable handling of INVALIDATE_RANGE map flags
|              no2d [0x0000000800000000] Disable 2D tiling
|          notiling [0x0000001000000000] Disable tiling
|     switch_on_eop [0x0000002000000000] Program WD/IA to switch on end-of-packet.
|          forcedma [0x0000004000000000] Use asynchronous DMA for all operations when possible.
|        precompile [0x0000008000000000] Compile one shader variant at shader creation.
|              nowc [0x0000020000000000] Disable GTT write combining
|          check_vm [0x0000040000000000] Check VM faults and dump debug info.
|        unsafemath [0x0002000000000000] Enable unsafe math shader optimizations
debug_get_flags_option: help for R600_DEBUG:
|      nocpdma [0x0000000040000000] Disable CP DMA
|         nosb [0x0000000000200000] Disable sb backend for graphics shaders
|         sbcl [0x0000000000400000] Enable sb backend for compute shaders
|        sbdry [0x0000000000800000] Don't use optimized bytecode (just print the dumps)
|       sbstat [0x0000000001000000] Print optimization statistics for shaders
|       sbdump [0x0000000002000000] Print IR dumps after some optimization passes
| sbnofallback [0x0000000004000000] Abort on errors instead of fallback
|     sbdisasm [0x0000000008000000] Use sb disassembler for shader dumps
|   sbsafemath [0x0000000010000000] Disable unsafe math optimizations

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Prosody/XMPP Down For Maintenance

Let's see how far we get.

It's done. Everything's working fine again.

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The Future Of My Debian Repo

I've decided to remove Mesa from my personal repository located at deb.c-r-t.tk/ and perfom some kind of cleanup.

Other packages which are going to be removed:

Packages which are going to stay (~) or might being added (+):

Other items might be added to these lists during next week.

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XMPP Registration Re-Opened / Container Migration

I've enabled web-based registration and got it working properly. It will remain open until I get notice of spammers running over my server.

Container migration hasn't been done yet but I will probably have some free time during the holidays. I also hope to restore all of the other features which have been missing since some plugins stopped working.

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XMPP - What's Next?

As some of you might have noticed, registration on my XMPP server has been closed for a while now thanks to spammers. I've already tried to re-open it through Prosody's register_web module but unfortunately my bug-ridden Prosody installation isn't going anywhere. It's the same old x86 container which has been running on my old Coppermine-based server so it's time for a change. When I finally got more time in the next weeks, I'm moving the data to a new x86_64 container.

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.6

I've uploaded → Mesa 19.0.6 to deb.c-r-t.tk/, enjoy!

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FAudio Standalone?

Just in case you're in need of a free XAudio implementation (XNA/FAudio) for your vanilla wine, you should take a look at → Kron4ek's GitHub repo.

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.5

I've uploaded → Mesa 19.0.5 to deb.c-r-t.tk/.


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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.4

This is just a friendly reminder. Mesa → 19.0.4 has already been uploaded last weekend.

Have fun!

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.3

Yesterday, I've uploaded Mesa → 19.0.3 to deb.c-r-t.tk, the recent released → 19.0.4 will follow soon.

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Seems That Uplay Is Finally Working With Wine

I haven't looked at Uplay in ages but it seems to be running fine now:

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If You Happen To Be Looking For Origin ...

TBH, Origin on Linux has ever been a PITB experience for me. I found a working solution → on yingtongli.me which needs to have the package inotify-tools installed. The fix is simple. Install dxvk in your wineprefix and run the following commands (assuming you've set $WINEPREFIX):

cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Program Files/"
while true; do inotifywait Origin; chmod u+w Origin; done
Or if you're running a 64Bit wineprefix:
cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/"
while true; do inotifywait Origin; chmod u+w Origin; done

Kill that inotifywait-scriptlet when Origin is installed and ...

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Did You Know?

Winetricks got → a "verb" for Gallium-Nine Standalone a while ago!

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.2

I've uploaded Mesa 19.0.2 to deb.c-r-t.tk/. Enjoy!

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It's The Little Things

I've added a .desktop file to my forked → adriconf repo so adriconf shows up in your application menu:

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