XMPP Registration Still Closed

XMPP registration with captchas needs further installments of dependencies. Unfortunately, I've got to package them by myself. This might take some more time.

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.4

This is just a friendly reminder. Mesa → 19.0.4 has already been uploaded last weekend.

Have fun!

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.3

Yesterday, I've uploaded Mesa → 19.0.3 to deb.c-r-t.tk, the recent released → 19.0.4 will follow soon.

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Seems That Uplay Is Finally Working With Wine

I haven't looked at Uplay in ages but it seems to be running fine now:

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If You Happen To Be Looking For Origin ...

TBH, Origin on Linux has ever been a PITB experience for me. I found a working solution → on yingtongli.me which needs to have the package inotify-tools installed. The fix is simple. Install dxvk in your wineprefix and run the following commands (assuming you've set $WINEPREFIX):

cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Program Files/"
while true; do inotifywait Origin; chmod u+w Origin; done
Or if you're running a 64Bit wineprefix:
cd "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/"
while true; do inotifywait Origin; chmod u+w Origin; done

Kill that inotifywait-scriptlet when Origin is installed and ...

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Did You Know?

Winetricks got → a "verb" for Gallium-Nine Standalone a while ago!

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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.2

I've uploaded Mesa 19.0.2 to deb.c-r-t.tk/. Enjoy!

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It's The Little Things

I've added a .desktop file to my forked → adriconf repo so adriconf shows up in your application menu:

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Adriconf Added To Repo

Hi folks!

It took some hours but in the end I was able to debianize adriconf - the new GTK+ GUI for Mesa configuration needs. I haven't added a .desktop file yet but if you want to try it out, you can already install the package and run adriconf from command line.

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Yet Another Workaround For A Larian Game

As some folks on protondb already have noticed, Divinity: Original Sin 2 does not properly work with proton. One usually has to rename some files and directories plus creating some symlinks.

If you're lazy, you can use my script on github: → divos2-workaround.

It even has an option to unapply:


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Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.1

Hi there!

I've uploaded Mesa 19.0.1 to deb.c-r-t.tk/ this morning. Enjoy!

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Gallium-Nine Standalone

Check out → wine-nine-standalone:

Gallium Nine allows to run any Direct3D 9 application with nearly no CPU overhead, which provides a smoother gaming experience and increased FPS.

Gallium Nine Standalone, as the name implies, is a standalone version of the WINE parts of Gallium Nine.

This decouples Gallium Nine from the WINE tree, so that it can be used with any WINE version. There is no need for any WINE patches. A stable, development, or staging WINE release is sufficient.

Gallium Nine Standalone consists of two parts:

  • d3d9-nine.dll: Gallium Nine Direct3D 9 library
  • ninewinecfg.exe: GUI to enable/disable Gallium Nine with some additional info about the current state

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Workaround Discovered For Techland Games On Mesa

Hi folks!

Mesa user John Brooks has posted a → LD_PRELOAD shim for Dying Light which works around → a stupid issue which is aparrantly never going to be fixed.

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Moar Updates

Hi there!

I've updated → Mesa to 18.3.3 and → libdrm to 2.4.97. Enjoy!

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How Epic Shoots Their Own Foot With Their Store

Metro Exodus is → Epic Store exclusive and the reason behind all of this crap just drives me nuts.

As some of you might have noticed, Epic founder Tim Sweeney → repeatedly → complained about Microsoft’s Windows Store and how Microsoft is going to kill off competition like Valve’s Steam with that. Instead of complaining, Valve went ahead and pulled a lot of levers to boost Linux gaming as an alternative to Microsoft’s monopolistic ecosystem. Their most iconic move was → releasing Steam for Linux back in 2013, followed by their very own Debian fork called → Steam OS shortly after and development of the free → Steam Runtime which helps Linux games to run on many different distributions – regardless of where you can buy that game. They didn’t stop there but instead 😃aniel-Joins-Valve-Driver" target="_blank">→ hired developers to fix drivers, create → a new translation layer to wrap D3D10/D3D11 calls into Vulkan/SPIRV. They even → worked together with Codeweavers and created an easy-to-use → Wine-based wrapper called "Proton" for running → lots and lots of Windows games on Linux.

So besides bandwidth-related costs and other platform costs like these for keeping Steamworks alive they invested a lot of money to break that monopoly Microsoft has built up. Money don’t grow on trees (except in → Borderlands) and I doubt that they’re able to keep all this stuff running just by selling their own few games. Everyone who publishes games on Steam has to pay 20-30% per sold game to Valve. Yeah, that’s some big chunk. But keep in mind that they’re doing more than just → hosting files and handling payment transactions.

December last year, Tim Sweeney → launched his own store with blackjack and hookers. Their prime feature? Only taking 12% from game developers. It remains to be seen how much Epic is committed to fight against Microsoft’s monopoly with their Windows & Mac only store application. Their engine might support Linux, but the → results → may vary. Maybe because of his → antiquated beliefs? Time will tell. But I'm pretty sure this won't help anyone but Microsoft.

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