Debian Maintainers Finally Decided To Enable Gallium-Nine

The maintainers for Debian's Mesa packages finally decided to build Mesa with Gallium-Nine, providing greater performance in D3D9 applications for anyone who still plays less recent Windows games. I'll watch this situation for one to two releases to see if it is still necessary that I'm rolling my own Mesa packages within

The following changes will happen nonetheless:

The deprecating of apt-pin-mesa will be done by leaving a dummy-package which removes the file containing the pinning from /etc/apt/preferences.d. libd3d9-mesa will become a transitional package referring to libd3dadapter9-mesa while my next builds of Mesa will have libd3dadapter9-mesa packages referring to the old packages.

Having not to deal with regular driver updates, I can focus on other things here at This blog needs a reboot and there's a lot of overdue maintenance work for prosody. Stay tuned!

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