How Epic Shoots Their Own Foot With Their Store

Metro Exodus is → Epic Store exclusive and the reason behind all of this crap just drives me nuts.

As some of you might have noticed, Epic founder Tim Sweeney → repeatedly → complained about Microsoft’s Windows Store and how Microsoft is going to kill off competition like Valve’s Steam with that. Instead of complaining, Valve went ahead and pulled a lot of levers to boost Linux gaming as an alternative to Microsoft’s monopolistic ecosystem. Their most iconic move was → releasing Steam for Linux back in 2013, followed by their very own Debian fork called → Steam OS shortly after and development of the free → Steam Runtime which helps Linux games to run on many different distributions – regardless of where you can buy that game. They didn’t stop there but instead 😃aniel-Joins-Valve-Driver" target="_blank">→ hired developers to fix drivers, create → a new translation layer to wrap D3D10/D3D11 calls into Vulkan/SPIRV. They even → worked together with Codeweavers and created an easy-to-use → Wine-based wrapper called "Proton" for running → lots and lots of Windows games on Linux.

So besides bandwidth-related costs and other platform costs like these for keeping Steamworks alive they invested a lot of money to break that monopoly Microsoft has built up. Money don’t grow on trees (except in → Borderlands) and I doubt that they’re able to keep all this stuff running just by selling their own few games. Everyone who publishes games on Steam has to pay 20-30% per sold game to Valve. Yeah, that’s some big chunk. But keep in mind that they’re doing more than just → hosting files and handling payment transactions.

December last year, Tim Sweeney → launched his own store with blackjack and hookers. Their prime feature? Only taking 12% from game developers. It remains to be seen how much Epic is committed to fight against Microsoft’s monopoly with their Windows & Mac only store application. Their engine might support Linux, but the → results → may vary. Maybe because of his → antiquated beliefs? Time will tell. But I'm pretty sure this won't help anyone but Microsoft.

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