VendettaMark 2018 Released With Cross-Platform Support

I've recently stumbled upon a new cross-platform benchmark utility called "VendettaMark". From → their site:

VendettaMark™ 2018 is a cross-platform benchmark, based around the game assets and → custom engine of the long-running space MMORPG → Vendetta Online.

With VendettaMark, you can now compare the speed of your Android phone to your Windows laptop, or between any other set of hardware that is compatible with the benchmark.

The threaded renderer and rigorous benchmark makes every effort to replicate the actual types of gameplay loads incurred from running a heavy session of Vendetta Online, including intensive threaded physics simulations, sound, even I/O testing (an important component of texture and asset streaming).

VendettaMark™ then delivers the same unified suite of comparable benchmark tests across the following platforms and graphics APIs:

  • Windows (x86-64, DirectX 11)
  • MacOS X (x86-64, OpenGL)
  • Linux (x86-64, OpenGL)
  • Android (ARM64, OpenGL ES 3.0)
  • iOS (ARM64, OpenGL ES 3.0)

All versions utilize the same basic rendering architecture and identical shaders, implemented as closely as possible within the respective graphics APIs. All versions output graphically to an off-screen buffer that is re-scaled and flipped back to the main display for visual verification.

My own system scored 18051 points. Way to go!

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