Mesa Updated To 21.1.2

I've pulled a fresh Mesa tarball from upstream and uploaded fresh packages to

Release notes

Blog → Hubzilla → Twitter – Test #2

Bla bla bla.

Added Libstrangle Again

I just found out that Linus Vanas is trying to bring libstrangle and libstrangle-tools to the official Debian repos. To shorten the time until it finally gets accepted, I've added → his package to


Mesa Updated To 21.1.1

I've pulled a fresh Mesa tarball from upstream and uploaded fresh packages to

Release notes

AMDVLK Updated to 2021.Q2.2

I've uploaded AMDVLK 2021.Q2.2 to my personal Debian repo at

Again, these are just the debs from AMD’s official GitHub.

Mesa Updated To 21.1.0

I've uploaded Mesa 21.1.0 and libdrm 2.4.105 to my personal Debian repo at Both packages are pulled and rebuilt from experimental.


New Stuff On C-R-T.TK

Hi there! It's been a while since I wrote my last post here. Unfortunately I've been busy with other things like repairing and maintaining my mopeds, setting up new sites (also on C-R-T.TK), finishing games from my Pile o' Shame, buying games for my Pile o' Shame, fixing and maintaining stuff on my server, etc..

My server has received two hardware upgrades after my latest post and is now running on a slightly older but more powerful platform which allows me to host more services in the future. More speed, more and faster storage, more RAM, a little more power consumption but we'll see how far I get.

Several months ago I've added a second web server vm for hosting a Hubzilla instance. After some weeks of testing I have decided that I'm going to deprecate my → Diaspora* account in favor of my new → new Hubzilla channel. It's been running great so far and enables me to communicate with more users in the Fediverse (Mastodon wasn't reachable via Diaspora* for example) and having the database on a storage device with dramatically faster access times has been speeding up things a lot.

Additionally to hosting an own social media node I have just added another vm hosting a private → Owncast instance. It allows me to ditch Twitch (hehe) and Piczel.TV for streaming if everything works fine.

To keep you updated more I'm planning to add cross-posting from Hubzilla to my blog in the future. It would be nice to write everything in one place, wouldn't it?

R600_DEBUG Documentation Went Missing

Looks like Mesa's official documentation has gotten rid of documenting the R600_DEBUG environment variable. One can still get help for the parameters by passing R600_DEBUG=help

Currently it outputs the following information:

debug_get_flags_option: help for R600_DEBUG:
|               tex [0x0000000000000080] Print texture info
|               nir [0x0000000000000100] Enable experimental NIR shaders
|           compute [0x0000000000000200] Print compute info
|                vm [0x0000000000000800] Print virtual addresses when creating resources
|              info [0x0000010000000000] Print driver information
|                fs [0x0000000000000040] Print fetch shaders
|                vs [0x0000000000000001] Print vertex shaders
|                gs [0x0000000000000004] Print geometry shaders
|                ps [0x0000000000000002] Print pixel shaders
|                cs [0x0000000000000020] Print compute shaders
|               tcs [0x0000000000000008] Print tessellation control shaders
|               tes [0x0000000000000010] Print tessellation evaluation shaders
|              noir [0x0000000000001000] Don't print the LLVM IR
|            notgsi [0x0000000000002000] Don't print the TGSI
|             noasm [0x0000000000004000] Don't print disassembled shaders
|          preoptir [0x0000000000008000] Print the LLVM IR before initial optimizations
|           checkir [0x0000000000010000] Enable additional sanity checks on shader IR
|      nooptvariant [0x0000000000020000] Disable compiling optimized shader variants.
|           testdma [0x0000000000100000] Invoke SDMA tests and exit.
|     testvmfaultcp [0x0008000000000000] Invoke a CP VM fault test and exit.
|   testvmfaultsdma [0x0010000000000000] Invoke a SDMA VM fault test and exit.
| testvmfaultshader [0x0020000000000000] Invoke a shader VM fault test and exit.
|             nodma [0x0000000100000000] Disable asynchronous DMA
|          nohyperz [0x0000000200000000] Disable Hyper-Z
|      noinvalrange [0x0000000400000000] Disable handling of INVALIDATE_RANGE map flags
|              no2d [0x0000000800000000] Disable 2D tiling
|          notiling [0x0000001000000000] Disable tiling
|     switch_on_eop [0x0000002000000000] Program WD/IA to switch on end-of-packet.
|          forcedma [0x0000004000000000] Use asynchronous DMA for all operations when possible.
|        precompile [0x0000008000000000] Compile one shader variant at shader creation.
|              nowc [0x0000020000000000] Disable GTT write combining
|          check_vm [0x0000040000000000] Check VM faults and dump debug info.
|        unsafemath [0x0002000000000000] Enable unsafe math shader optimizations
debug_get_flags_option: help for R600_DEBUG:
|      nocpdma [0x0000000040000000] Disable CP DMA
|         nosb [0x0000000000200000] Disable sb backend for graphics shaders
|         sbcl [0x0000000000400000] Enable sb backend for compute shaders
|        sbdry [0x0000000000800000] Don't use optimized bytecode (just print the dumps)
|       sbstat [0x0000000001000000] Print optimization statistics for shaders
|       sbdump [0x0000000002000000] Print IR dumps after some optimization passes
| sbnofallback [0x0000000004000000] Abort on errors instead of fallback
|     sbdisasm [0x0000000008000000] Use sb disassembler for shader dumps
|   sbsafemath [0x0000000010000000] Disable unsafe math optimizations

Prosody/XMPP Down For Maintenance

Let's see how far we get.


It's done. Everything's working fine again.

The Future Of My Debian Repo

I've decided to remove Mesa from my personal repository located at and perfom some kind of cleanup.

Other packages which are going to be removed:

  • libclc
  • libdrm
  • adriconf
  • gamemode
  • protontricks

Packages which are going to stay (~) or might being added (+):

  • ~libstrangle
  • +i2c-piix4-aura-dkms
  • +openrgb
  • +zenpower

Other items might be added to these lists during next week.

XMPP Registration Re-Opened / Container Migration

I've enabled web-based registration and got it working properly. It will remain open until I get notice of spammers running over my server.

Container migration hasn't been done yet but I will probably have some free time during the holidays. I also hope to restore all of the other features which have been missing since some plugins stopped working.

XMPP - What's Next?

As some of you might have noticed, registration on my XMPP server has been closed for a while now thanks to spammers. I've already tried to re-open it through Prosody's register_web module but unfortunately my bug-ridden Prosody installation isn't going anywhere. It's the same old x86 container which has been running on my old Coppermine-based server so it's time for a change. When I finally got more time in the next weeks, I'm moving the data to a new x86_64 container.

Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.6

I've uploaded → Mesa 19.0.6 to, enjoy!

FAudio Standalone?

Just in case you're in need of a free XAudio implementation (XNA/FAudio) for your vanilla wine, you should take a look at → Kron4ek's GitHub repo.

Mesa Repo Updated To 19.0.5

I've uploaded → Mesa 19.0.5 to